Shane Fox


Additive Manufacturing allows everyone an even playing field when it comes to innovation and speed to market. The first time I saw an industrial 3D printer in action, I was hooked, and knew this was the future of manufacturing.

Vishal Singh


Additive is expanding the horizons of what has been possible, more complex parts are made possible to built everyday. The impact of additive in medical is changing the lives of millions. Businesses can manage their inventory by utilizing on-demand manufacturing.

Mark Barron

Chief Operations Officer

The Additive Manufacturing industry has become a game changer in the world of manufacturing. There are now so many different industries that are benefiting from incredible innovations when it comes to design creativity and weight and strength improvements no matter what the product.

Jeff Bochicchio

Chief Financial Officer

The 3D printing world has been pivotal in helping shape the future for several industries by developing more cost effective products and customizable features for the end customer. The industry is positioned to grow in the next few years and I’m excited to see the benefits continue for customers across the globe.

Kaspars Roze

Global Business Development

The possibilities for Additive Manufacturing are limitless… designers and engineers can avoid the required time and cost associated with traditional manufacturing methods. Complex objects now used in every industry can be 3D-printed on demand anywhere, anytime.

Christian Rice

Customer Success Manager

Additive Manufacturing is constantly evolving, and already is doing things that have never been done before by traditional manufacturing. I’m always excited to see what will come next.