Frequently Asked Quesions

Who do I pay for my part order?

Currently, LINK3D does not handle purchasing or invoicing. You pay the service bureau directly that you contracted to complete your project. During the bidding process, service bureaus are required to submit their invoices, making it easy for you to download and send to your purchasing department. You can submit your purchase order directly through the LINK3D platform thus creating a central location for all past and current part built.

How can I be assured my intellectual property is safe and secure with LINK3D?

LINK3D uses the highest level of 256-bit encryption while using 3 separate firewalls ensuring that your intellectual property receives the security that you require. You control who has access to your IP.

I require a NDA to exchange any proprietary data, how is this possible with LINK3D?

We offer a quick and seamless upload of your NDA for the service bureaus to sign prior to their ability to review your design specs. Once you review the executed NDA, you can approve this giving the service bureau access to your encrypted files.

Can I limit who I post my RFQ to?

Yes. Within your RFQ process simply designate country preference, and any exact specifications that you require and LINK3D will find your precise matches.

What can I do if i'm not satisfied with the proposals I have received?

You can resubmit, review and communicate directly with the manufacturers that responded, or simply try to find another manufacturer on your own.

What can I do if i'm not satisfied with the parts I have received?

LINK3D will help with direct communications with the supplier. We have a vendor management service where we stay with you throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Can I communicate directly off the platform with manufacturers?

Absolutely. We encourage your direct communication with those that you choose to work with as this allows for the greatest level of success and satisfaction. We recommend that you communicate through the platform as it leaves a clear track of discussions in case any type of issues must be resolved.

How can I communicate and exchange files with manufacturers?

The LINK3D Platform creates a pathway for all of your specific requirements when awarding a project and making sure that you have the highest level of satisfaction. You can direct message and upload and transfer any type of files on the platform.

How much does LINK3D cost?

The cost is carried by the service bureaus, LINK3D charges a service fee for the use of the platform. LINK3D's payment structure is outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

Can I add team members?

Absolutely. No matter what part of the country or world, team members can be added to your profile and allowed access for complete updates of the individual projects that are in the pipeline. This feature is accessible in our subscription based product.