LINK3D was born out of a simple observation: a critical void in the Additive Manufacturing Industry. There's nowhere to match supply with demand.

In an exponentially developing global marketplace, these questions need answers:

  • How will engineers locate the best manufacturers for their extremely precise design requirements?

  • How will searches be reduced from days/weeks to minutes?

  • How will engineers gain confidence in the pricing quotes they receive in an extremely young and growing business environment?

  • How will manufacturers, with their expertise in certain materials and machines, their desire to run at maximum capacity, and the daunting challenge of trying to connect with millions of Engineers and Designers, identify a specific partner during their Request-for-Quote process?

The answer is LINK3D: Technology that securely and seamlessly matches specific needs to specific partners anywhere in the world…on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency.

At LINK3D, we built a community for the Additive Manufacturing industry that meets the various needs of engineers, designers and manufacturers, creating an invaluable business relationship. When you partner with LINK3D, you are climbing the next step to success.