Connect, In Real-Time, Through LINK3D’s Network Of Vetted Service Bureaus For Rapid Prototyping And Series Production

LINK3D allows you to ...

  • Simply submit your request-for-quotes
  • Receive multiple competitive proposals
  • Negotiate directly and award project


Save Time

Finding the appropriate additive manufacturing partner, explaining your specific requirements, and requesting pricing is difficult and time consuming. LINK3D’s technology does the work for you!

Save Money

Submit one request to LINK3D and receive multiple matches in real-time generating competitive pricing. Negotiate and award the project to the vendor, or vendor’s, of your choosing.

World’s Most Comprehensive Database

LINK3D’s manufacturing partners provide access to 500+ industrial metal & polymer machines, 250+ materials, and the specific industry certifications you require to build the parts you need with the greatest level of confidence.


Connect with qualified service bureaus instantly when you submit your industry specific RFQ through LINK3D

Our research has identified the most critical data points within the additive manufacturing industry, streamlining the manufacturing process.

Submit your industry specific request-for-quote in minutes through LINK3D’s secure environment protecting your intellectual property and matching you with multiple vendors who can meet your needs.

Connect with qualified additive manufacturers instantly when you submit your industry specific RFQ
Project Management Optimization

Project Management Optimization

Everything is in sync - quotes, messages, notifications, NDA’s and all other files are archived so that you have access to your project at all times.

Our vendor management tool easily manages past and present manufacturing relationships for efficient reorders and distributed manufacturing in real-time.

Intuitive software that makes life easier

We understand the complexities of engineering and designed LINK3D to seamlessly integrate with all of your manufacturing needs.

Receive competitive pricing proposals, view and organize all projects, check on manufacturing statuses, and view messages no matter where you or your colleagues are around the world.

Intuitive dashboard helping you managemanufacturing orders


Vetted Additive Manufacturers

Secure Software

Your data and communications are always protected using LINK3D’s advanced firewall systems. All intellectual property is secured using 256-bit encryption technology, giving you total control over who can access your data.

Vetted Additive Manufacturers

Vetted Additive

All manufacturers go through LINK3D’s extensive vetting process which includes: verification of machine models, materials supported, industry specific certifications, post processing, and quality assurance. Peace of mind gauranteed.

Vetted Additive Manufacturers

Optimized Distributed

Utilize our vendor management tool to award your project to one, or several qualified manufacturing partners to meet your project lead time. This LINK3D feature offers your company optimal speed-to-market and the competitive edge.